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More than 50,000 people in Perth, WA have chosen Chambers Pest Solutions to help them with pest control problems, for which we have offered some of the best products and conventional pest control methods at a cost-effective price. We have worked with some of the most esteemed clients from different sectors including retail, education, healthcare and restaurants who want to control pests in all of there properties. At Chambers Pest Solutions, we have a local team of experts who work 24/7. This means that we can offer a very easy and quick solution if required in an emergency scenario.

For decades we have been protecting the homes and businesses of people in Perth, WA from all kinds of pests. Our team of professionals are available to give you the best pest control advice which can quickly solve all your pest related issues.

With Chambers Pest Solutions, you are in safe hands. All our experts in the team carry the photo ID so that they can ensure safety to the customers. We are your one-stop shop for anything to do with pest control and prevention.

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  • Residential Services

    Chambers Pest Solutions can offer residential pest control services all around the globe for a long time. We are one of the reliable names for pest control solutions.

    pest control residential services
  • Commercial Services

    For top-quality commercial pest control solutions, speak with the team of Chambers Pest Solutions and enjoy the pest control services at an affordable price.

    Commercial pest control Services
  • Western Australia Areas Services

    With a proven health and excellent track record, Chambers Pest Solutions mainly specializes in residential and commercial pest control services.

    Western Australia Areas Services
  • Pest Control Certificates

    With a specialist management team who has 10 years of experience in pest control. Our team of skilled professionals also have pest control certificates which can ensure you with the pest control solutions.

    pest control certificates
we offer

complex approach to pest control

  • Ants Control

    Ants Control

    Whether there are sugar ants, Singapore ants, black house ants, Argentina ants white footed ants, or carpenter ants in your property, we can eradicate them efficiently.

  • Bedbugs Control

    Bedbugs Control

    If you feel that there are bedbugs in your home, don't spray insecticides or move furniture. We won't just treat your home, suggestions and tips to avoid a re-infestation. Call us!

  • Cockroaches Control

    Cockroaches Control

    Cockroaches have been around for a while and they will continue to be around for long. They spread diseases, damage the environment, cause odors, and contaminate food.

  • Flea Control

    Flea Control

    Fleas are dangerous parasites that suck the blood out of humans. They cause irritation and need to be controlled. Call us for a full eradication treatment.

  • Flies Control

    Flies Control

    Fly control treatments are carried out by our highly skilled technicians who can remove all kinds of flies including the common housefly, Cheese skipper fly etc.

  • Millipedes Control

    Millipedes Control

    Millipedes can secrete a fluid which can cause irritation if it comes in contact with eyes. Our millipedes treatment involves a thorough inspection and then setting up a residual barrier.

  • Possum Control

    Possum Control

    Possums live in and around homes and cause odors and like all rodents, they gnaw on everything, especially cables and wiring. They even pose health risks for your pets.

  • Rats Control

    Rats Control

    Rodents are responsible for roughly 30% of the world’s food destruction. They carry diseases, lice, ticks, viruses and bacteria and pose a threat to the environment.

  • Silverfish Control

    Silverfish Control

    Silverfish are a pest that can eat pretty much everything in your home. They live in dark, dank corners and feed on everything from surface molds to flour.

  • Spider Control

    Spider Control

    The most dangerous spiders in Perth are Red Backs and White Tail spiders. We treat all areas that they use for hiding. Our thorough treatment can protect you from poisonous bites.

  • Termites Control

    Termites Control

    They work so silently and are so good at hiding that it's not possible to notice them until it's too late. We can give you peace of mind by treating your home against termites.

  • Wasps Control

    Wasps Control

    Wasps love to live in our gardens and buildings. Wasps are much more aggressive than bees and cause multiple stings.

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We Are The No.1 Experts In Pest Control & Prevention

Chambers Pest Solution’s skilled and qualified professions can provide a huge range of safe, quick and effective pest control solutions. Whether it’s your garden, office, farm or school which is being affected by harmful pests, you are in safe hands when you have hired us for the task.

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Our Client’s Words

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    Just a quick message to say how much I appreciate a company that stuck to its word and helped me out immensely, Excellent service and will recommend to other people.


    Marnee Nolan, Bicton

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    Was very impressed with Chambers efficiency and professionalism, I shall be passing your card on to my friend who has mice.


    Rating: Charmaine Coulston, South Perth

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    Excellent service and very prompt with supplying invoice and inspection report I’m eternally grateful that you managed to get rid of the bed-bugs that were throughout my property including my daughters room. Thanks.


    Mark Runge

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    John was fabulous. He was quick to respond, answered all of my questions, rang me to advise that he would be a little late and followed up with me. Excellent service


    Rating: Sharon Milevski, Ballajura

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    John even called to say he would be a little late and he gave advice on how to combat the problem in future.


    Andrew Hall, Carlisle