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An Integral Part Of Integrated Pest Management

Summer is knocking at the door! The days of bright sunshine, warm breeze and cold treats are here. Who doesn’t love to breath in the summer air, put on sleeveless and short-length clothing and spend a lot of time outdoors? Except there is one problem –  Pests. With summer, those pesky critters will be back and they will resume where they left off last year.nc155b1

But what’s wrong with having them around? This is what’s wrong:

  • They defecate on nearly everything they come in contact with
  • They breed like crazy and in very dirty areas
  • They spread diseases
  • They spit out their stomach contents and saliva all over food items

Fresh organic vegetables. Food background. Healthy food from gardenBefore you welcome summer, it’s time to have a pest inspection done. You see, pest control isn’t all about spraying pesticides. We believe it’s time to go beyond conventional pest control. That’s why we have incorporated a methodology called IPM or Integrated Pest Management. It is a complex and comprehensive process, of  which pest inspections in Perth, is a part.

Integrated Pest Management is designed to be environment-friendly, human-friendly
and pet-friendly.

IPM has several steps other than pest inspections in Perth such as:

  • Setting Thresholds For Action
  • Monitoring Pests
  • Identifying Pests
  • Pest Prevention
  • Pest Control

We at Chambers Pest Solutions incorporate the IPM approach. We set limits for long term solutions so that pests not only escape from your premises but also cannot come back for a long time.

It’s true that pesticide application is necessary. But since pesticides are highly regulated and not all of them are very environment-friendly or healthy, it is best to look for long term solutions as the ones we provide. Our pest inspections in Perth locate and identify pests that pose threat to your property. Think about the peace of mind you’ll have when you opt for this inspection service.

All About Integrated Pest Control In Perth

What is Integrated Pest Management (IPM)?Integrated Pest Management It is an effective methodology to manage pests in an environmental-friendly manner. The methodology relies on a blend of common-sense practices and uses information on pest life cycles and the way they interact with the environment. The information is used in combination with existing pest control Perth methods and is used for the management of the damage caused by pests in the most economical manner.

How Does Integrated Pest Management Work?

The IPM methodology ensures that the least possible hazard is caused to human beings, properties and the environment. The methodology can be used in domestic, commercial and agricultural settings. It is a comprehensive approach. Meaning, it makes use of all pest control in Perth approaches currently in existence.

It is not a pest elimination method but rather a blend of many methods, decisions and evaluations for proper pest management. Practitioners of IPM have to follow these steps:

  • Setting action triggers – Action triggers are points at which situation and environment both dictate immediate pest control activities
  • Monitoring and identifying pests – It is about keeping an eye on different types of pests to identify the harmful ones and the harmless ones.
  • Preventing – To control pests really thoroughly, proper prevention methods need to be implemented.
  • Controlling – When preventative methods don’t work, the way to get rid of pests is to implement proper pest control in Perth techniques. But they are only implemented after evaluating their efficacy.

The team at Chambers Pest Solutions is expert at implementing integrated pest management successfully.

What Exactly Do Inspectors Look For On A Termite Inspection In Perth?

If you are looking to hire a pest control company to treat your home’s termite problem, you have to go through a termite inspection in Perth first. What is involved in this examination exactly? What does a termite inspector check? Worry not. The answers are right here. Read on.

Adult and winged termites are known as alates. They fly away from the colony where they grew up to create their own home. They build nests in the spring season because the weather condition during that time of the year is ideal. The termite inspector looks for these alates in your house. If they are there, that means there is a nest somewhere close. The alates are taking wood from your home to their nest because wood is their primary food source.
White Ant Inspection Perth
Inspectors check all the window sills in your house/apartment because the alates might try to get out and in the process, they cluster around windows. An expert who has been performing termite inspection in Perth for years will never confuse between winged termites and winged ants. Both of them look almost the same and that’s where inexperienced inspectors make a mistake.

Here at Chambers Pest Solutions, we have one of the most experienced termite inspectors in Perth. He looks for signs of termite infestation and alerts you upon finding any. He looks for signs like mud tubes because mud tubes are the passageways through which termites transport food to their colony. He checks areas like the foundation of your building, near the pipes and the attic.

We ensure your peace of mind. Once you have hired our service, you’ll know what we are talking about. Your home will be protected by one of the best termite protection programs in Perth.

We will never let any damage to be caused to your property. We don’t have a one-size-fits-all approach. We tailor our solutions according to the problem at your premises. Hire our termite inspection in Perth and see the difference for yourself.

Get Rid Of Bedbugs With Our Perth Pest Control Service

Not getting enough sleep because of those irritating bedbugs? To treat bedbugs is not easy. For years, pest exterminators have found it a rather difficult job. bedbugs are aggressive pests. They use products that claim to prevent or completely eradicate all the bedbugs from your home. But clearly, there’s more to solving the bedbugs problem than that. Trust Chambers Pest Control for that kind of informed Perth pest control services.
bedbugs-lifecycleLet’s face it, the creepy little blood suckers known as bedbugs are not something that anyone wants having around. No one can make them disappear magically. Bedbugs feed on blood exclusively and they love human blood, carbon dioxide in the air, and body heat. Their preferred parts of the human body are shoulders and arms. Even if you clean your entire home thoroughly everyday, bedbugs will appear because dirtiness, clutter and similar things that people associate with pest problems do not affect them. However, clutter provides them with more places to hide. And no. They don’t care about temperature either. If you think you will get rid of bedbugs by lowering your indoor temperature or increasing it, you are wrong. They can withstand a wide range of temperature such as from 0 degrees to 113 degrees F.
When our Perth pest control team goes to your home to remove bedbugs, we target their hiding spots first, which are along the seams of mattresses, wall cracks and many other inconspicuous places. You can rest assured that bedbugs won’t transmit any disease or health disorder, because they don’t.

Make no mistake. Bedbugs are good at hiding. And they are good at hitchhiking. They feed on your blood for about 10 minutes and then go. Why would you give your precious blood to a parasite like that? Say no to bedbugs. Call in our qualified, certified and experienced Perth pest control team.

Are Black Ants Bothering You? Well, Here Some Organic Ant Pest Control Perth Techniques

Also known as Argentine Ants, the little black ants are not the sort of pests that would go away easily. If you want to take some eco-friendly ant pest control Perth measures, this post is for you.
banner-antsThere are baits that you can use to catch ants and remove them from your property. Though they are not 100% effective because let’s face it, no pest control technique is 100% effective other than professional extermination. But these baits are worth a try, or two, depending on the ant situation in your property.

Warrior termiteDifferent baits work on different types of ants. One of these baits is a mix of concentrated sugar and boric acid. This ant pest control Perth technique really works. But make sure to put it in an area where kids or pets can’t reach. That would be better for catching the ants too because they go to areas which are unreachable by kids and pets.

If you want an even more organic method, try cleaning. Keep your kitchen as clean as possible. Make it spotless. Keep any food, including pet food inside sealed food containers. If there is a pet in your house and the ants are targeting its food bowl/plate, put it in a shallow saucer and fill the saucer with water. The ants can’t get to the food this way.

Make sure to caulk all the openings like cracks in the windows, doors, toilets, bathtubs etc. Although not all ants eat the same thing. Some are attracted to sugar, some to oil and some to protein. You must first know what kind of ants you have in your home before applying your ant pest control Perth techniques. We can help you do that. In fact, we can help you eradicate all black ants from your home entirely.