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Don’t Put Up With Nuisance – Eliminate It By Scientific Ant Control In Perth

Pest-Control-Service1When it comes to ant control in Perth, it all begins with identification. It’s extremely important to identify which ants are infesting in your home and what the best ways are to eliminate them. The entire treatment, in fact, depends on the identification. For successful identification, a thorough inspection is necessary. We at Chambers Pest Solutions have the licensed manpower and experience to carry out thorough inspections of your entire property.
Warrior termite
There are innumerable species of ants in Perth and the rest of Western Australia. If your home is being invaded by them, you have the right to know what species they are so that they can be eliminated in the most effective manner. Here, we should mention that ants are not really noticed until they cause a nuisance (They love to nest inside walls and paving). But unfortunately by that time, it’s too late. That’s why every property owner needs to be proactive and call in expert professionals for ant control in Perth.

Not every species of ants can be eliminated with the same technique. There are different techniques and materials to be used for dealing with different species ant control in Perth. There is no one-size-fits-all solution for ants. But if you want to deal with them in a scientific way so that they don’t come back anytime soon, get in touch with us.

Integrated Pest Control Perth – Make Your New Year Pest-Free

Integrated pest management is a methodology to control pests and reduce the problems faced by property owners who have been victims of pest infestations. The methodology can be applied to get rid of pests during the New Year season and have really happy holidays. Here are some of the things it will entail: problem with pest1

Choosing The Site

Insects can be a big problem when a Christmas tree is grown on a poor-quality site. If the Christmas tree is grown in a warmer climate, the chances of pest infestation are even bigger.

Scouting The Area

Scouting is essential for integrated pest management. Since most pests and insects living in Christmas trees can lead to considerable damage, treatment is absolutely necessary. If left untreated, the problem can worsen and can even cause an outbreak. That is something you don’t want when Christmas is around the corner. And that’s why you need professionals like Chambers Pest Solutions.

Groundcover Management

Selecting the right groundcover is very important. This includes using fertilizer, shearing, harvesting and insect control. It is crucial to maintain proper ground cover around where the Christmas tree is being grown.

Choosing The Right Pesticide

There are many pesticides available for pest control around Perth. But not all of them are suitable for killing off pests without damaging the Christmas tree. Select pesticides that are targeted to eliminate the pests you see around Christmas trees. Make sure you choose the least toxic one, otherwise, there’s the risk of infection and illness.

3817822453585059422Have you ever wondered about the number of pests that can enter your property during and after Christmas? It is an unbelievably large number. Since it is the time of the year when your home is bustling with activity and a lot of footfall, it is highly conducive to pest activity. Think about it, as Christmas nears, decorations are pulled from basements, attics and other storage areas. Along with the decorations, come the pests who have been living happily in your basement, attic or other storage area. And once they have made their way into your home, who knows what will happen?

The amount of paper used during Christmas is just insane. The more paper is used, the more paper goes into the bin and the more chances there are for rodents to infest and thrive, not to mention the clutter it can create. To make things worse, there is the irregular garbage disposal in Christmas time. Don’t worry. Why tolerate so much trouble when you can enjoy your holidays way better if you hire us for pest control around Perth. We will take the worry out of your schedule.

Cockroach Control In Perth – Save Your Home From Those Tough Pests

perth-cockroach-control-540x238Keeping a cockroach infestation under control is not easy. And it’s not just essential to make your home look good. It’s essential for the well-being of you, your family and your home. A dense population of cockroaches inside your home is not exactly healthy. It poses serious threats to your and your entire family’s health because all cockroaches are capable of spreading diseases. They carry tiny organisms in their body which they spread around through their excrement. These organisms are the main culprits for diseases being spread around your home, diseases which can affect everyone including your pets. Where there is moisture and harbor age resources, there will be roaches. And no matter how careful you are, they always come back. That’s why you need experts. That’s why you need Chambers Pest Solutions.
We are a trusted name when it comes to cockroach control in Perth. The foremost thing to do to prevent cockroaches from thriving in your home is to opt for an inspection. We have highly experienced professionals in our team who conduct thorough inspections. They know which areas are targeted most by roaches and they inspect those areas all the more thoroughly. After the inspection, you’ll receive a comprehensive report indicating which areas of your home need special and immediate attention.

The service offered by our team is very unobtrusive. You’ll have no problem continuing your daily activities when we are there, working in your premises. Not only do we remove all cockroaches from your premises with our tried and tested methods, we also take care of the after-service cleanup. So, you can rest assured that the cleanup after the service will be taken care of by us.

To know more about our cockroach control in Perth services, Please contact us.

Protect Your Property From Massive Damage With Termite Inspection In Perth

termite-control-serviceIn Australia, termites cause more damage to buildings than any natural disaster imaginable. The sheer presence of termites is a threat and is nearly impossible to recognize for the untrained eye. It can be recognized only after it is too late. The only way to find out whether they are there in your premises is to call in professionals like Chambers Pest Solutions. We can save your premises from extensive damage. When you call us, we send a team of highly trained and experienced technicians who are licensed to carry out termite inspection in Perth. They inspect the interior as well as exterior of your house. Upon the completion of the inspection, they give you a written report which describes the termite situation of your property. Our service is in keeping with the Australian Standards.

Our termite inspection in Perth can save your property from not only white ants but also other timber-loving pests. The inspection, however, won’t stop any attack by termites. It will let you know of the white ant threat your home faces at the moment. It is recommended that you have regular inspections done at your home so that you are always aware of what kind of a threat termites pose to your property.

The climate of Perth is very conducive to termite infestation. That’s why the Australian Standards recommends a minimum of 12 monthly inspection. Having a termite inspection done is a small price to pay to prevent the havoc that those white ants can wreak. So, make a wise investment and call us for a thorough termite inspection in Perth today. termite-control-service