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Keep your Pets out of Risk from Flea Bites by using Fleas Control Services

How toxic are the fleas?

How safe is your pet? Having pets in your home means that there will be flea infestation at your place. Fleas are too fond of pets just like you are fond of your pets. These insects’ only food is the blood of animals and pets. If there are pets in your home, then the feeding source becomes easy for fleas. Fleas which are in the outdoors stick at the pets’ furrry bodies and start infesting then and there. When your pets get in your home after a walk, the fleas too get in your house.
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These creepy crawlies silently breed in the fur of your pet, making your pets’ life restless. The constant feeding of blood make your pets fall ill and the itchiness makes your pets in distress. It is time to protect your pets from there critters. Your house and pets will be provided with complete protection against fleas and flea bites when our fleas control Perth professionals will use the best treatment solutions all over the breeding places.

Fleas appearance:

Fleas measure approximately 2.5 mm long. The color of fleas is reddish brown and the hair is so tiny that you will not be able to see with your own eyes. With their long legs, these wingless insects can jump from one animal to another with ease.

The nuisance species of fleas in Australia:

The types of fleas which make animals and birds their hosts are cat fleas, sand fleas, chicken fleas, rat fleas, bird fleas and dog fleas are some of the flea insects of Australia.

Are fleas active in your residence?

* Bite marks are seen on human beings, as fleas change their hosts from animals to human beings when the insects do not find their usual hosts in your house.

* The eggs of fleas can be visualized in the cracks, under furniture objects, on the skin and fur of the pets and in many out-of-the-way places.

* The pets will feel discomfort on their skin. As a result, you will see them scratching their skin on end.

Self-treatment against fleas:

1. Alongside of keeping your home clean, you should make sure that the place where your pets reside should be also cleaned.

2. Vacuum clean your indoor and outdoor territory often.

3. Wash the toys and other items of your pets once a week.

4. An appointment with your veterinarian once a month will keep your pets away from flea attacks.

Apply our flea management plan:

Our flea management plan comprises of an inspection and the application of “fleas treatment Perth” solutions in all the places where fleas tend to conceal themselves.

Our survey process:

It takes a lot of effort to exclude fleas from the infestation sites. Our pest experts will first assess which flea species are at your house, they will study the fleas’ habitat and then they will start their inspection which will be followed by flea pesticides at the later stage.

A note on the inspection:

A note will be prepared by our pest inspectors to make aware of the pest controllers about the flea species, their habitatats and nesting spots the pest inspectors found out. As per the survey note, the last step of pest implementation will be implemented.

Use of flea control products:

The fleas control services consist of effectual flea control pesticides which help in killing all flea insects in a few attempts. These flea control products are absolutely safe for your home and pets, as they are made up of natural chemicals.