Get A Long Term Solution To Your Rat Problems

The destructive critters, rats, are capable of transmitting germs and pathogens. Rats exist in your surroundings throughout the year. If rats manage to enter your house or office, then the pests can spread deadly germs and pollute food. At Chambers Pest Solutions, our experts offer superior quality rat control solutions to exterminate rats. Also, our pest professionals will provide you with some useful tips to prevent rats from accessing your place.

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How to get Rats pest control:

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Rats control covers:

Rats and mice can:

Chew through wires and cause fires

Destroy property and belongings

Die in your walls, creating foul odors

Leave droppings behind

Eat drywall and tear insulation

Make disturbing noises in your walls and attic

How Rats control works:

  • Step 1


    We will carry out a thorough inspection in and around your property to locate the nesting spots of rats. It is necessary to know the access points of rats which is possible by executing an in-depth inspection. After the inspection, we will decide a pest control plan for your property.

  • Step 2


    In order to eliminate rats, our pest technicians will make use of baits, traps and other rat pesticides to get the pest intruders out of your place. Our professionals will also patch, seal and make your living zone secured against rats. By implementing the exclusion plan, you will be able to keep rats out of your home.

  • Step 3


    Our pest control plan consists of a year-round inspection. We will send our pest technicians to re-inspect your indoor and outdoor property on a regular basis. Our pest inspectors will first check the sealed entry points and then will assess the new entry points.

Pest Control Coverage Includes::


Clothes Moths



"House" Ants

Paper Wasps




Get A Long Term Solution To Your Rat Problems

These pesky critters can chew down the rubber wires and create fire hazards. Rats can harm your belongings and property. Rats emit foul odors, if the pests die inside the walls of your living space. You will notice rat droppings close to the nesting sites. Rats cause harm to insulation. The scratching noise inside the walls and attics can be disturbing for you.

Rats are disease-carrying pests. They are present throughout the year. Rats can squeeze into any small holes easily to get inside your home and office. Food contamination takes place when rats eat your meals. In our pest control company, we have top quality rat control solutions to keep the infestation of rats in check. Our clients will be given the best advice for keeping rats out of your surroundings.

Let Chambers Pest Solutions’ Team Help You

Get in touch with the team of Chambers Pest Solutions to help you with rat-related issues. We have efficient pest technicians who will execute safe rat control solutions to exterminate present rats and stop rat infestation in the long run. On using our powerful rodenticides, rats and rodents will stay out of their perimeter of your home. We have skilled experts who know how to apply rodenticides in the interior and exterior zone to prevent access of rats and rodents.

It is advised to all people that they should never overlook the rat infestation issues. Taming rats in your house is not only baleful for health but also the destructive pests can destroy your commercial goods. Whether you have any queries pertaining to our rat control solutions, then you are free to give us a call on (08) 9403 6240.