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What Tools Are Required For A Pest Inspection In Perth?

Before we start our pest control process, we at Chambers Pest Solutions conduct a full pest inspection in Perth to find out exactly how severe the pest situation is and how to deal with it.termite-control-service

Our expert inspectors get a clear idea of what it is they are dealing with through an inspection. This is necessary because oftentimes, homeowners cannot tell us the exact situation or give us details of the pest infestation in their property.

To perform the pest inspection in Perth, we use the following:DIY_pest_control_330x330

  • Heavy Duty Screwdriver
  • Ladder
  • Very Bright Flashlight
  • Magnifying Glass
  • Aerosol spray or Flushing Agent
  • Small Hand Mirror
  • Paper & Pen

Here’s what we do with these:

  • We use the screwdriver to remove panels and to tap on wood surfaces
  • We use the ladder to reach and inspect high areas
  • We use the flashlight to illuminate areas where we think pests could be hiding
  • We use the magnifying glass to identify insects
  • We use flushing Agent or aerosol spray to flush out insects of crevices and voids
  • We use the small hand mirror to take a look at what’s behind and underneath appliances
  • We use the paper and pen to note down the problem areas and the pests we have located

Our staff is well-versed in the types of insects found in Perth. They come up with precise identification and provide hassle-free pest elimination services. Our pest inspection in Perth process is very unobtrusive and children and pet-friendly.

An Integral Part Of Integrated Pest Management

Summer is knocking at the door! The days of bright sunshine, warm breeze and cold treats are here. Who doesn’t love to breath in the summer air, put on sleeveless and short-length clothing and spend a lot of time outdoors? Except there is one problem –  Pests. With summer, those pesky critters will be back and they will resume where they left off last year.nc155b1

But what’s wrong with having them around? This is what’s wrong:

  • They defecate on nearly everything they come in contact with
  • They breed like crazy and in very dirty areas
  • They spread diseases
  • They spit out their stomach contents and saliva all over food items

Fresh organic vegetables. Food background. Healthy food from gardenBefore you welcome summer, it’s time to have a pest inspection done. You see, pest control isn’t all about spraying pesticides. We believe it’s time to go beyond conventional pest control. That’s why we have incorporated a methodology called IPM or Integrated Pest Management. It is a complex and comprehensive process, of  which pest inspections in Perth, is a part.

Integrated Pest Management is designed to be environment-friendly, human-friendly
and pet-friendly.

IPM has several steps other than pest inspections in Perth such as:

  • Setting Thresholds For Action
  • Monitoring Pests
  • Identifying Pests
  • Pest Prevention
  • Pest Control

We at Chambers Pest Solutions incorporate the IPM approach. We set limits for long term solutions so that pests not only escape from your premises but also cannot come back for a long time.

It’s true that pesticide application is necessary. But since pesticides are highly regulated and not all of them are very environment-friendly or healthy, it is best to look for long term solutions as the ones we provide. Our pest inspections in Perth locate and identify pests that pose threat to your property. Think about the peace of mind you’ll have when you opt for this inspection service.

Proper Restaurant Pest Control In Perth Is Imperative To Get More Customers

Pest control is a very important factor for the success of a restaurant. Apart from making sure that your chefs are maintaining good quality of food and that your waiters and waitresses are serving all customers properly, you also have to call in professional restaurant pest control in Perth to prevent pest infestation.
commercial1Believe it or not, there are restaurant owners who do not take any action until some serious damage is done to their business by pests. Do not follow their footsteps. It could be a fatal mistake. It can put your business at risk and may even lead to lawsuits, revenue loss and a tainted reputation.

Traps Are Not The Only Solution
You can set traps to catch pests but remember that traps are not the only solution. Plus, the downside of using traps is that after sometime, the creature inside will start to rot and give out a foul smell, which your customers and staff will definitely not like. So, you will have to be on your toes all the time to find out whether there is rat rotting in one of your traps. Why take so much trouble when you can easily opt for professional restaurant pest control in Perth.

Hiring professionals is easy. All you have to do is pick up the phone and dial their number. Even if you won’t be able to be in your restaurant premises when we get there, we will still carry out the job informing you every step of the way. We are very unobtrusive, so you don’t have to worry about your customers being disturbed when we carry out the job. But for obvious reasons, we suggest that you opt for our restaurant pest control in Perth services after hours.

Following these ideas will help keep your business smoothly going.

Why Organic Pest Control Is Important

To get rid of pests using natural ingredients is not difficult if you try. In this post, we will tell you about organic methods and why they are important to eradicate pests from your premises. No. We are not talking about poison, mouse bait or traps. They don’t provide a long-term solution. They certainly keep the population in check, but they don’t stop the infestation.  Our organic commercial pest control techniques have been proven to exterminate even the most stubborn pests.
Organic Pest ControlOrganic methods are safe for not only humans but also plants. For instance, if you are having a hard time keeping pests away from your garden and feel that pesticides are not an option anymore, we recommend switching to organic methods. These are basically plant-based methods and do not cause any damage to any of your family members, including babies and pets. Neither do they damage the plants for which they are used. You can cook the vegetables grown in your kitchen garden without any worries. We ensure that.
Fresh organic vegetables. Food background. Healthy food from garden
Our plan of action differs according to pests. Meaning, we do not use the same methods or materials for all types of pests. We follow best practices to ensure that pests leave your premises and don’t come back for a long time. Simultaneously, we ensure that the process of pest control does not affect the environment. Our progressive methods were brainstormed to preserve the environment and ensure a cleaner, healthier earth for our future generations.

We are an industry leader in implementing organic pest management techniques for residential as well as commercial premises. We take into account the life cycle and their entrance points before applying our methods. Our supply of effective botanical and environment-friendly materials enable us to combat all types of pests. Your health and safety are extremely important to us.

As a trusted pest control company, we recommend that you do not opt for pesticides that are laden with chemicals as they are extremely detrimental to health.

Cockroach Control In Perth – Way To Make Your Loved Ones Allergy-Free

Believe it or not, cockroaches have been around for 400 million years and there are countless species of them around the world. They hide through the day and come out at night. One very common sign of cockroach infestation is  their excrement which looks like black pepper grains or brown egg shells, depending on the species. If you find any cockroach excrement lying around, chances are that there is an infestation in your home. So, maybe it’s time to call in some cockroach control in Perth professionals.istock_000012957625xsmall

What Drives Cockroaches To Infest?

In order to fully understand why cockroach infestation occurs, you must know some facts first such as:

  • Unclean premises invite roaches
  • Poor sanitary conditions are loved by cockroaches
  • Female cockroaches are attracted to areas that are already infested
  • Stored but unused water and food are their hiding places
  • Only one cockroach is enough for infesting an entire house

How Does Cockroach Allergy Occur?

pic-21Many people develop cockroach allergy due to their sensitivity to the cockroach  allergen that results from the roaches’ saliva, eggs, secretions, excrements and dead bodies etc.  When these matters decay, they give birth to an allergen which causes the allergy. Household chores like dusting, vacuuming etc can make the allergens airborne and the protein in the allergen can cause an immune reaction in people.

How Cockroach Control In Perth Professionals Help Fight The Allergy?

Such professionals easily detect roaches and then begin the treatment. They seal all cracks and crevices that could be possible escape points for cockroaches. They apply an insecticide that is especially formulated for cockroach extermination in a child-friendly, pet-friendly and environment-friendly manner. They also advise you on keeping your premises clean and adhere to proper garbage disposal methods. If you follow their recommended course of action, cockroaches will stay away from your premises.