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Termite Control: The Best Way To Do It

Whether you live in a new home or investing in an old one, termite infestations may happen anytime even though this is the last thing you want or expect. Such pests are very harmful as they can destroy the wooden furniture of your home. They can be a complete nightmare for you.
There are various strategies which you need to apply so that you can protect your property against any kind of pests or termites control in Perth. However, it is very important for you to address the problem as soon as possible. Otherwise they can create a lot of problems for you.

Protecting your home from any kind of pest is not something you can achieve or accomplish very easily. However, there are many ways or treatments using which you can easily minimize the problem. Have a look at some of the most effective points discussed in this article:-

Bait Stations

One of the very effective strategies which you can apply is bait stations. It is one of the best ways to monitor the activities of all the pests. Therefore, you should take time to install bait stations all over your home which can help you deal with the problem. These stations have cellulose materials that can prevent the breeding of underground pests. Make sure to change the stations after every three months.

Treat The Vulnerable Areas Now

This is one of the most important ways to discourage the growth of termites. Take some time from your hectic schedule to pre-treat the areas in your home which means you should try to get rid of them in the construction phase. You can also hire a company who can help you with white ant inspection Perth. Keep all these great tips in mind to get rid of the pests easily.

Top Benefits Of Pest Inspections For Modern Homeowners

A Quick Pest Inspection: Why It Is Important?

It can be quite a challenging task to maintain a big property. But the cost of maintenance should never ever stop you from following the maintenance plan because it is one of the most essential aspects of owning a property. In this, pest inspection is also included because it helps you to take the best care of the property.homebanner.jpg

Pests can have a very bad impact on the condition of any property, whether it is just a commercial property or probably a two-storey home. Cockroaches and termites can destroy the specific features of any residential or commercial building. If you allow the pests to grow in the property, it will definitely make things worse.

Consult A Pest Inspector Nowpesy-control-images

The reason why pest inspection Perth has gained a lot of popularity is because people want to protect their property from any kind of pests. With the knowledge and experience of the pest inspectors, they can quickly mark the areas which are more prone to the infestation of pests and also find the species which might be building nests.

There are some specific areas which are more prone to infestation. If you don’t take care of the property, it will be easier for the pests to grow. This is one of the major reasons why you should look for an expert who specializes in pest control Perth.

For instance, dark spaces like basements are the most favourite spots for termites. You can easily protect your property with the help of a quick property inspection. Keep all these great tips in mind to take the best care of your property.

The Intensifying Threat Of Termites In Perth

banner1111Though there are 258 described and 90 undescribed species of termites in Australia, common are only 5 of them. These species have immense potential to destroy your property. While some of them thrive in tropical areas, others are called dry wood termites, which is pretty self-explanatory. Identifying the species is very important in termite treatment. That’s because not every species of termite can be killed in the same way. Different plans of action need to be made in order to eliminate different species of termites in Perth.

A lot of other factors also have to be taken into account. For instance, like bees, termites are also social creatures. They search for food together, raise their young together, build nests together, defend nests together. They work slowly but continuously, taking help from lesser organisms such as bacteria and protozoa. White-Ants-treatment-web

More and more homes (one in every two) are being infested by termites in Perth because more homes are being built with materials that are conducive to the entry and infestation of termites or white ants. An effective solution to combat this problem is rapidly becoming extremely important. We at Chambers Pest Solutions, provide just that.

If your home falls victim to a white ant infestation, we are here to solve the problem. We take the time to identify the species, assess the severity of the infestation and then perform the actions that make us the most reliable choice to exterminate  termites in Perth. We choose products that are absolutely safe for children, pets, indoor plants and your home itself.

Get in touch with us today to know how we can help you.

An Integral Part Of Integrated Pest Management

Summer is knocking at the door! The days of bright sunshine, warm breeze and cold treats are here. Who doesn’t love to breath in the summer air, put on sleeveless and short-length clothing and spend a lot of time outdoors? Except there is one problem –  Pests. With summer, those pesky critters will be back and they will resume where they left off last year.nc155b1

But what’s wrong with having them around? This is what’s wrong:

  • They defecate on nearly everything they come in contact with
  • They breed like crazy and in very dirty areas
  • They spread diseases
  • They spit out their stomach contents and saliva all over food items

Fresh organic vegetables. Food background. Healthy food from gardenBefore you welcome summer, it’s time to have a pest inspection done. You see, pest control isn’t all about spraying pesticides. We believe it’s time to go beyond conventional pest control. That’s why we have incorporated a methodology called IPM or Integrated Pest Management. It is a complex and comprehensive process, of  which pest inspections in Perth, is a part.

Integrated Pest Management is designed to be environment-friendly, human-friendly
and pet-friendly.

IPM has several steps other than pest inspections in Perth such as:

  • Setting Thresholds For Action
  • Monitoring Pests
  • Identifying Pests
  • Pest Prevention
  • Pest Control

We at Chambers Pest Solutions incorporate the IPM approach. We set limits for long term solutions so that pests not only escape from your premises but also cannot come back for a long time.

It’s true that pesticide application is necessary. But since pesticides are highly regulated and not all of them are very environment-friendly or healthy, it is best to look for long term solutions as the ones we provide. Our pest inspections in Perth locate and identify pests that pose threat to your property. Think about the peace of mind you’ll have when you opt for this inspection service.