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What Tools Are Required For A Pest Inspection In Perth?

Before we start our pest control process, we at Chambers Pest Solutions conduct a full pest inspection in Perth to find out exactly how severe the pest situation is and how to deal with it.termite-control-service

Our expert inspectors get a clear idea of what it is they are dealing with through an inspection. This is necessary because oftentimes, homeowners cannot tell us the exact situation or give us details of the pest infestation in their property.

To perform the pest inspection in Perth, we use the following:DIY_pest_control_330x330

  • Heavy Duty Screwdriver
  • Ladder
  • Very Bright Flashlight
  • Magnifying Glass
  • Aerosol spray or Flushing Agent
  • Small Hand Mirror
  • Paper & Pen

Here’s what we do with these:

  • We use the screwdriver to remove panels and to tap on wood surfaces
  • We use the ladder to reach and inspect high areas
  • We use the flashlight to illuminate areas where we think pests could be hiding
  • We use the magnifying glass to identify insects
  • We use flushing Agent or aerosol spray to flush out insects of crevices and voids
  • We use the small hand mirror to take a look at what’s behind and underneath appliances
  • We use the paper and pen to note down the problem areas and the pests we have located

Our staff is well-versed in the types of insects found in Perth. They come up with precise identification and provide hassle-free pest elimination services. Our pest inspection in Perth process is very unobtrusive and children and pet-friendly.

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